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Take advantage of Eric Coll's unique ability to get across key ideas in plain English!

If you've been needing to fill in some gaps, understand the fundamentals, and get a clear picture of technologies and how they work together - everything from broadband to wireless to VoIP to traditional telephony, protocol stacks, routers, TCP/IP, MPLS and the Internet... this is an ideal opportunity.

We'll start the foundational principles, progress through it in a logical order, and the latest standards and technologies.

You'll gain valuable insight and a solid understanding of the key concept-level knowledge, jargon, buzzwords and technologies -- and how it all fits together.

These online courses are in the same style as our live seminars, using the same great analogies and get-to-the-point discussions, the same graphics and course materials we continue to use for telecom training seminars for non-engineers at companies like Cisco, Nortel, Qualcomm, AT&T, the US Air Force and hundreds of others across North America since 1992.

This is as close as you can get to a private lesson from the Director of the Institute... at your own pace!

These courses are comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date, and priced at less than half of comparable offerings from other companies. Our objective with these courses is to give you the best information product at the best price.

We have grouped the courses into certification packages which provide you with TCO certification upon completion of the online exams.

Five great certification packages to choose from:

Courses and exams are delivered through the myTeracom online Learning Management System. They are self-contained and can be completed online without any written materials - making them easily accessible from anywhere in the world.
The instructor talks to you - the next best thing to being there. High-quality online multimedia courses - animated bullets, imbedded videos, plenty of crisp graphics, navigation menus and more.
Each certification package comes with unlimited access to the courses and exams, TCO certification, a full-color TCO Certificate suitable for framing, and a personalized Letter of Reference.
Check out the optional printed reference materials.

Descriptions and Previews

CTNS - Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist

Eight full-length courses covering all major areas of telecom, datacom and networking.
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You will begin with an overview of all major topics in the 2021 course Introduction to Broadband Converged IP Telecom followed by fully up-to-date courses on Cellular and Wi-Fi, VoIP and SIP, the PSTN, OSI Layers, LANs and Optical Ethernet, IP and MPLS.

CWA - Certified Wireless Analyst

Three high-quality self-paced multimedia courses covering the core knowledge needed by anyone in the wireless business today.
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A Certified Wireless Analyst has knowledge in the whole range of wireless technologies: Mobility concepts, network design and operation; Radio fundamentals and spectrum; Digital radio and QAM modems; Propagation, penetration and fading; Radio technologies including FDMA, TDMA, CDMA and LTE and 5G’s OFDMA; 5G mmWave ultra-broadband and 5G low bitrate for IoT; Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), the first full-duplex Wi-Fi; 3.5 GHz Broadband wireless home Internet; Point-to-point microwave; Low Earth Orbit satellites and more.

CVA - Fundamentals of Voice over IP

Six courses totaling 59 lessons to give you a complete understanding of VoIP and SIP.
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CVA covers all aspects of Voice over IP: all the different ways Voice over IP is implemented; how calls are set-up with softswitches and SIP; connecting to carriers; SIP trunking; how voice is packetized; the factors affecting sound quality; network quality with MPLS; Service Level Agreements; and Class of Service.


CTA - Certified Telecommunications Analyst

16 courses providing the most comprehensive telecom certification available.
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This course covers the whole telecommunications story and the big picture in the following areas: Fundamentals of Telephony and Voice over IP; The Telecommunications Industry; Telecom Equipment; Digital; Wireless Telecommunications; Transmission Systems and Fiber Optics; Introduction to Datacom and Networking; Modems: Representing Bits on Radio and Copper; Data Coding, Frames and Packets; LANs, VLANs, Wireless and Optical Ethernet; The Network "Cloud" and Service Implementation; IP Networks, Routers and Addresses; The OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks; MPLS and Carrier Networks; IP Security; and The Internet.

CTSME - Certified Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert

Five internationally-recognized telecommunications and network certifications including twenty-six high-quality full-length online courses.
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The TCO Certified Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert (CTSME) - the most comprehensive telecom, networking, datacom, wireless, VoIP and SIP training plus certification available anywhere. CTSME includes all four TCO Certification Packages: CTNS, CWA, CVA and CTA. Complete them all and you earn the CTSME Certification - the ultimate recognition of telecom knowledge. Includes a framed hand-signed CTSME Certificate and a personal Letter of Reference from the Director of the Institute describing your very extensive knowledge, and a contact at Teracom Training Institute for a reference.

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